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Arnica flower extract is largely used to reduced bruising and for pain. Arnica is excellent at relieving arthritis pain, especially in cold weather. It warms the area and stimulates blood flown and has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Arnica can be used to: Reduce bruises, Black eyes, Muscle Pain Inflammation, Sprains, Phlebitis, Carpal Tunnel, Swelling.

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Verde Cream - Ardes - Calendula Background


DID YOU KNOW?? Calendula is generally used to sooth the skin, it can be utilized to treat all kind of skin problems like acne, sunburn, windburn, nappy rashes and after shave rashes in men. It is very helpful as a hand cream to restore hydration after over use of hand sanitizer.


Verde Cream - Ardes - Devils Claw Background

Devil’s Claw

Click on the link below to find out about the numerous benefits of the plant Devils’s claw and its use as natural remedy for pain relief in back and neck pain, osteoarthritis and more! This well known ingredient is found in many Ardes products .’s%20claw%20was%20introduced%20to,headache%2C%20and%20low%20back%20pain.

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