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Anna Paoletti

Verde Cream is owned and run by Anna Paoletti – who, with her family, are long time advocates and users of Ardes products.

In 2005, Anna moved from her native Italy to Ireland to pursue her childhood dream career to work with horses. Since arriving, she has graduated in Equine Sports Therapy from Writtle College UK and now works full-time with Horses.

Anna has always been interested in natural healing and sports therapy, and where possible, the use of alternative natural remedies. These interests developed while growing up, as Anna’s parents followed the natural healing methods of Maria Nittoli, a well-known professional herbalist from Northern Italy.

Since arriving in Ireland, Anna has been working within the horse racing industry. Bruising, sore bones, and musculature problems are quite common amongst staff and jockeys. This is caused by the tough routine that comes with racing life.

This is where the idea formed of offering Ardes natural remedies as a solution to these problems.

With Verde Cream, Anna has become an agent and distributor of Ardes products. From an extensive catalogue, Anna has chosen a range of Ardes products, proven to successfully alleviate aches and pains suffered by many active sportspeople. These products are also proven to help lessen the wear and tear associated with ageing.

Ardes products are plant-based, thereby originating from the love of the planet and the many gifts it has to offer. Care and attention to the environment is the fundamental brand philosophy of Ardes.