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Sharing Natures Gifts

We would love to claim that we make the products we sell, but, by making Ardes available we are supporting active healthy living.

We support nature and enjoy its boundless gifts and cherish time spent in her company. Having an active lifestyle, including outdoor pursuits, and a beneficial understanding of therapeutic massage, the next obvious move, was to bring Ardes to a new audience outside of its native Italy. Ardes share our appreciation, curiosity, and awe of nature as we are both protective of the environment. These fantastic products contain the magic of Nature, by inheriting the therapeutic properties found in the plants and herbs used to create them.

As part of an active lifestyle, Ardes products are a must. They provide relief and soothing comfort to tired or injured joints, muscles, and limbs and work as aides in therapeutic massage for treatment and as a pre-exercise warmer.

Ardes Logo

Born from the love for the Earth and its gifts.
Ardes products are dedicated to people who are
aware of and attentive to nature.

Love for Nature,
Commitment to Research.

For over 50 years Ardes has been making cosmetics based on the purest plant components, a result of the successful synthesis of the most ancient human knowledge and modern research.

Ardes Cosmetici was born from the love for the Earth and its gifts.
From the first cream, care and attention to the environment have been at the core of the Ardes philosophy.

Good work starts from the ground up. In our formulations we try to incorporate raw materials from ethical and sustainable sources. The functional ingredients are preferably local, in this way, we can support small farmers in the area. When products originating from other countries are used due to their proven cosmetic characteristics, Ardes only purchase from traceable sources.

Experience, Tradition, Innovation.

They are our secret ingredients, everything else is out in the open. Ardes’ mission lies in combining knowledge, tradition and innovation. In our laboratories, we are always up-to-date on market trends and regulatory aspects. This guides us in creating new formulations and the evolution of historical ones. To date, we can boast over 2000 formula recipes, many of which are completely natural, certified and compliant with the regulations of organic and vegan cosmetics.

For 50 years, the following quote from the great Henry Ford, has been printed on the walls of our workshops and offices, and has guided us in our work.

Henry Ford


Anna Paoletti