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Supporting Healthy
Active Living

There is no greater pleasure than living an active life, especially outdoors enjoying the fresh air in natural surroundings. Our day to day lives often mean we are physically active in many ways; work, leisure, sport, domestic and general duties. With so many upsides, active living can be a challenge to the body. Often, the best treatment is to look to nature and harness her power to help comfort and heal. A way to harness natures benefits is to look to a natural, sustainable and ethical brands such as ARDES to provide treatment when needed.

Born from the love for the Earth and its gifts.
Ardes products are dedicated to people who are
aware of and attentive to nature.

Verde Cream - VC Logo

Environmentally & Ethically
Responsible Products

Verde Cream - Ardes Certification - Bio Eco Cert


AIAB certification for products with low environmental impact and using raw materials from organic farming or certified spontaneous harvesting.

Verde Cream - Ardes Certification - VeganOK Cert


Attests the ethical guarantee for products that do not contain animal derivatives and are not tested on animals.

Verde Cream - Ardes Certification - Nickel Tested Cert


Testing indicates that each batch of product has been analysed to guarantee a nickel content below 0.0001% (1 ppm).

Verde Cream - Ardes Certification - Microbiological Cert


Microbiologically tested to check for the possible presence of bacteria, moulds and yeasts to ensure customer safety.

Verde Cream - Ardes Certification - Dermatological Cert


Dermatologically tested by subjecting products to tests to study their effects on the skin, in particular skin tolerability. Results are analysed according to health verification protocols.


Aloe Vera Gel

Natural Organic protective for the face, body and hair, made from pure certified organic Aloe Vera extract. 

OMG this product is awesome. Beautiful in all ways and helps protect the world. I am so happy with my purchase!
- Jenny B


Anna Paoletti